Unveiling Our Nature-Loving Crew:

Welcome to the Naturecrazi
Partner Programme!


Calling all fellow adventurers, wildlife enthusiasts, and eco-warriors!   Here at Naturecrazi, we’re passionate about sharing the wonders of the natural world, and we’re thrilled to unveil a brand new way to join our mission: the Naturecrazi Partner Programme.   Think of it as an exclusive club for eco-conscious creators, businesses, and individuals who share our love for the great outdoors.  Simply complete and submit the form below. We can’t wait to welcome you to the crew!

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Whether you run a sustainable travel blog, craft exquisite nature-inspired jewellery, or lead guided hikes through hidden gems in Africa, we want to champion your work and amplify your voice.

As a Naturecrazi partner, you’ll gain access to a vibrant community of nature lovers, unlock exclusive promotional opportunities, and collaborate with like-minded folks to make a real difference for our planet.

Imagine showcasing your breathtaking travel photography to our audience of wanderlust-stricken souls, or offering your handcrafted eco-products to our community of nature lovers. The possibilities are as endless as the African wilderness itself!

So, if you’re brimming with ideas to inspire eco-friendly adventures, connect with fellow nature enthusiasts, and make a positive impact, then step into the wild with us! Dive into the Naturecrazi Partner Programme and let’s rewrite the story of our relationship with the natural world, one adventure at a time.